Monday, December 14, 2020


29 Haddington Place

Edinburgh EH7 4AG

by Beau Cadiyo

Proposed new rule: if a person in a discussion says "just think about it" and follows that up with an argument, they automatically lose credibility and should be taken less seriously.  For example: 

"Just think about it - the reason Trump lost is because Biden had better pollsters."  

"Just think about it - if we don't go into this market, the competition will capitalise on our delay and seize the initiative and we will fail."  

"Just think about it - if we don't go on a date, you will never find true love."  

The only reasons to say "just think about it" in the context of an argument are: 

  1. The argument is about the future, so it is inherently speculative; 
  2. The argument is an attempt to explain something in the past, but is actually an opinion they want to present as a fact for which they have no data.  

Either way, the person saying "just think about it" is attempting to draw causation where the evidence is lacking, and is trying to cover up for that fact by distracting their audience with a plausible logical conclusion.  

Whenever I hear someone say "just think about it..." I tune out.  I automatically assume they are either incompetent or they are being intellectually dishonest with me.  Then I think about it whatever I like.  This is the path I recommend to you, my friend.  

The bacon rolls at Embo are excellent, but what is even better is the service - friendly, cheerful, and kind.  They greeted me so warmly on a cold Saturday morning that I felt as if I was a regular; the double, priced at £3, is a bargain for this strip of shops, and, with the smiles, well worth at least a visit; I think I may become a regular there soon.  

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