Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jimmy O'Neills Tavern

2195 Lee Rd
Cleveland OH 44118

By Edward Sandwichhands

Occasionally a sandwich is good. Sometimes it is too good. Jimmy O’Neil’s is a pretty great place. Good service, great food, and they have all sorts of old time trash up on the walls (in case that happens to be your thing.) If I had ever been to Ireland I’m sure it would be a lot like that. Before ordering food our hearts were swept away by a delicious basket of warm bread. I enjoyed the whole grain variety; it tasted really rustic, like Ireland (which I’ve never been to). I had the buffalo chicken sandwich because I’m a sucker for anything involving copious amounts of hot sauce. It was fantastic. I find that most places are able to cover a chicken breast in hot sauce and serve it up pretty well, but I genuinely appreciated the quality of the chicken as well as the bun it was served on – I imagine they would settle for nothing less in Ireland. For those with more refined tastes Jimmy O’Neil’s offers a variety of delicious sandwiches including a portabella mushroom Reuben. The prospect of a Reuben lacking in corned beef both horrified and amazed me. I’m sure if I’d ever been to Ireland I’d have stronger feelings on the subject.

Jimmy O'Neill's Tavern in Cleveland Heights