Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Euclid Tavern

11625 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

By Edward Sandwichhands

The new Euclid Tavern is a piece of Cleveland history. Although it has been closed for the past several years, the new Tavern hosts a wide variety of food options ranging from pretzel-dogs to steamed clams. At first glance the Tavern looks like a beer joint where you might not expect to find a decent meal. However, even drunken fools desire good food.

The Euclid Tavern is a fantastic establishment. I was late to this sandwich review because I was extremely hungover from drinking at the Euclid Tavern the night before. I was relieved to find that the sandwich review had already begun as Beau, D, and Frank Griffin had ordered prior to my arrival. (Sandwiches run deeper than faith.) Their sandwiches arrived first. I thought that I was going to die while I had to sit there and watch them eat. Their smiling faces, large sandwiches, and quaint laughter were murder to my soul. It took all of the energy that I had to keep my head off of the table.

The waitress clearly sensed my whiskey-laden desperation when she took my order. (This also happened at Big Lots! once.) My chicken parmesan sandwich arrived less than eight minutes after I had ordered it. It was an absolutely enormous chicken breast lightly breaded and seasoned with Italian herbs, served on thick toasted Italian bread. It was much larger and better than I had expected and well worth the price. I’ve had quite a few good sandwiches in my time, but this is the only one that might have saved my life. Although I felt a million times better after the sandwich, the waitress kept telling me I should have a beer to make myself feel better. She was right and I admire that kind of spirit, but I told her that I needed to, “get myself even.”

The Tavern is a one of a kind establishment. It is one of the oldest bars in Cleveland; the same building has been used as a bar since the early 1900’s. After a hiatus, the bar is now re-opened and doing better than ever. They sport two separate bars, a full menu, and weekly live music. However, you’ve probably never been there because you hang out at Panini’s with your friend who beats his wife.

Euclid Tavern in Cleveland


nkszilag said...
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nkszilag said...

I have never read such a well timed and accurate comment as the last line of your review. Thank you!

gasdg said...

sure school is real important but being drunk and waking up with no pants on with no memory of the night before secures a bright future, plus who said she didnt deserve it< what goes 'round also comes back 'round P.s. good luck on bfa BOPPER