Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tastebuds Restaurant

1400 E. 30th Street
Cleveland, Ohio. 44114

By Edward Sandwichhands

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all sandwiches are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable toppings, that among these are cheese, sun-dried tomato’s and the pursuit of deliciousness.

Unfortunately the above statement is utter rubbish. Sandwich’s are not created equal. Some are created with high quality ingredients, some with moldy bread crusts, and some sandwiches are made with so much love that you know the person preparing the sandwich must have had you in mind. At first sight Tastebuds appeared to be a location that could provide an amazing sandwich.

Everything offered at Tastebuds is already prepared when you arrive; Tastebuds operates a catering business out of their restaurant. This means that there is relatively no wait for your food at Tastebuds. However, there is also little room for alterations, requests or freshness.

The place was bright, vibrant, and well situated. Everyone looked happy, there were awards on the wall, we saw several parties picking up large orders to go, and one of my companions even had a very decent dish (gourmet meatloaf, which I have to admit was pretty good.) However, please try to explain all of these wonderful things about Tastebuds to my chicken sandwich.

I feel like my sandwich was prepared by a vegetarian for someone else other than myself. It was so dry I am positive that it was left out in the sun. I love spinach; there was hardly any on my sandwich. The cheese on the sandwich had been melted for so long ago that any trace of flavor had escaped into the vast dry desert of a chicken breast below. The garlic-basil mayo was actually pretty good – it was certainly the highlight of the meal – but flavorful mayo alone cannot save any sandwich.

All sandwiches are not created equal. Some are created before your arrival and left in a shallow warming tray to die alone. Tastebuds might offer a good low cost catered lunch for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the office. However, the perfect sandwich requires proper timing and a great deal of care. I think I expected too much from this sandwich-catering-factory-salad-pizza-meatloaf-bad-brownie-
undeserved-award-winning establishment.

Tastebuds in Cleveland

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phorku said...

You should have put some Arby's sauce on it. 2 pieces of bread and some Arby's sauce... now that's a sandwich :-)