Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McNulty's Pub

1765 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

By Edward Sandwichhands

Where does Cleveland go to get sandwiches after midnight on Sunday? If you happen to be stuck on Coventry saucing with your comrades, the answer is simple: McNulty’s Pub. The conventional choice of most Coventry-goers is Guy’s pizza, but if you need faster and greasier late-night eats, McNulty’s is your forum - particularly if you are looking for a sandwich.

McNulty’s is not very crowded on Sunday nights because all the cool kids go to the B-Side for indie rock night. The place was nearly empty and we were the only ones there to eat. I immediately knew that I needed the beef brisket Philly. It felt like a steal for $5, and the sandwich was ready almost immediately. The sandwich was large, steaming, covered in provolone and Swiss cheese, adorned with mushrooms and onions, and drowning in its own liquids. I was pretty hungry so I wolfed it down. In the process of doing so I created a sizable grease puddle capable of heating a small village in some hypothetical country. After I discarded my final crust I saw Frank Elkins take it and dip it in the grease pile for a late night munch. After being confronted, Frank readily admitted that it wasn’t a good idea and that the discarded bread crust and grease were pretty disgusting.

When the sandwich was over, I felt like a genuine McNulty’s patron: drunk, bloated and unsatisfied with life. The sandwich was pretty decent except for being entirely too greasy. But you must always know your place. If you go to a bar after midnight on a Sunday and the sandwich you get isn’t greasy, there’s probably something wrong.

What is your favorite late night spot to grab a sandwich, Cleveland?

McNulty's Pub in Cleveland Heights

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