Friday, December 19, 2008

DUI-S: Driving while Under the Influence of a Sandwich

I know, I know - no posts for a while. We have no excuses, and the "situation" will be rectified soon. Until then:

This poor girl fainted when she ate sandwiches. One might think that knowing this she might not eat sandwiches whilst driving - but no, she did, and she fainted. Nice.

Second, I've long thought that poison was an underutilized method of assassination. I mean, it shows up all throughout historical literature, and then when guns came out it seems that poison went by the wayside. Who can forget the apothecary's potion finishing off Romeo? Whatever happened to "tasters" who kept rulers from being poisoned - do they still have any? Well, it's back. I just wonder what kind of food the alleged assassin was going to use. Sandwiches have been in vogue recently.

Speaking of, dear Robert Mugabe: consider this an official invitation to visit Cleveland and eat at Jimmy John's with me. My treat.


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