Thursday, February 4, 2010

Other Blog

I just started reading Bacon Laser. I don't know that I've ever endorsed a blog before, but this one - with sandwich-references throughout - bears endorsement. The author, a Clevelander, has some really great lines, such as:

(On mayo-based tuna salad)"Looks like something you would scrape off the wall of a bathhouse."

"The resulting recipe is the greatest discovery since the polio vaccine. So f*ck you, Dr. Salk."

"So, bring home this chicken. Cut off some of the white meat, enough to make a sandwich later. Set aside."

"Once the mixture above has carmelized, take the pot off the stove (with the ingredients still in it) and fill it with about 8c of water (Christ, when will we go to the metric system?)."


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