Wednesday, March 3, 2010

B-Spot - The Franchise

Symon just announced that he's looking for a Strongsville location for yet another B-Spot. Looks like we totally called it:

"This, I realized, was the true Symon franchise; Lola is patronized by businesspeople, Lolita by older hipsters. Neither can be copied and then exported with ease. B-Spot is the version that he can replicate and take to every mall in America if he wants to."

The Cleveland Sandwich Board gets it totally right once again. (Cue Mac Davis song.)


Bite Buff said...

Is anyone else sad that Symon restaurants have turned to this? Not that I blame him- I get it. But I feel like it is losing the "neighborhood" high-end bistro feel that he became famous for and we all grew to love.

AS said...

Bite -

I totally agree. There was soul in Tremont and E. 4th, and his restaurants interacted with that soul, with that vibe, with that character. Their menus were interesting and reflected the people behind them. B-Spot at Eton and in the Q, and now most likely in some mall in Strongsville, are just chains, extensions of the corporate system. They are the McDonald's of the Symon empire; just plug workers in, train them for an hour, and let them loose to do their limited task. "Sad" is exactly the right word.


AS said...

It's the same complaint that people make when bands "sell out," actually...

Bite Buff said...

That's kind of how I feel- a let down fan, when all I really wanted was to still listen to the great house band at the dive bar.