Monday, March 14, 2011

Lots going on.

Sandwich Scientists™ -

It has been a busy few weeks for the Cleveland is sandwich board. First, we have picked up two new writers: Fidel Gastro and Penny Panini. We already have one new review from Penny and Fidel is meeting with the Board to offer insights from a lifetime of eating sandwiches. We’re very glad to have them both on Board.

Second, attorney and philanthropist Andrew Samtoy represented us on Fox 8 while I was out of town to discuss sandwiches. He was on a brand new show called New Day Cleveland, hosted by David “The Mossman” Moss and Kristi “Miss Missouri 2006” Capel. He was ostensibly there to discuss the top five sandwiches in Cleveland, but the discussion quickly moved into the law and philosophy of Sandwiches. He was asked, for example, what new things were going on in the world of Sandwiches, and he said “a lot.”

“A lot.” Could he have been more understated?

I myself was thinking about this a few weeks ago. Really, sandwiches have made huge strides in the recent past. Why, just a few years ago, sandwich eaters only had a few choices for bread – white, wheat, sourdough (mostly in California), a roll, and perhaps a badly baked bagel. Whole-grain was unimagined in most of the country, and the most foreign cheese might be Swiss. Now, you can get artisan loaves of specially grown grains with particularly pastoral provenances; we have meats flown in from small butchers in the Dolomites, cheeses from Azerbaijan to Zambia and everywhere in between, and wild heirloom tomatoes and scavenged urban lettuce and condiments made five minutes before being brought to table. The range of innovation shows no sign of abating; indeed, sandwiches are, like technology, advancing at a rate that mortal minds find difficult to comprehend.

Luckily, the hosts of the show seemed to grasp of the importance of these developments as they invited us back on March 31st for another segment, this time to discuss Burger Science™. As I will be out of town yet again I have recruited Andrew to represent us in a further segment where we, as a board, will the side of the top five burgers in Cleveland and Andrew will present them on our behalf. It works out because he gets to hobnob with local celebrities and we get to stay anonymous so that restaurants don’t know who we are and we can strike stealthily and undetected. It is a win-win.

I hope you find the time it to tune in from 10 to 11:00AM on March 31st to New Day Cleveland where no doubt lives will be changed. I wish I could be there to meet Mr. Moss and Ms. Cabel, but, as they say, there’s a big wedding coming up across the pond that is decidedly not going to plan itself.

Tally ho!


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