Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Sadness

To be frank, one of the best things about the Cleveland Sandwich Board is the opportunity we have, each and every day, to provide immense and increasingly important aid to people around the world. Occasionally we receive emails from visitors, like the one below, and we respond directly to them, respecting their privacy and maintaining our own integrity. However, this writer asks us to address a subject of such seriousness, a source of such sadness, that we decided to make our response public - for the greater good.

We will be in Cleveland next week and wanted to make sure we tried several Polish boys. I saw a comment someone recently made on yelp or chowhound that said Freddie's was closed. Do you know if they are still in business? Any one else you would recommend? Thanks.

Frank -

Thank you for writing, and for recognizing that we are the single most important sandwich reviewing organization in the general vicinity.

Sadly, Freddie's closed; they appear to be putting in some sort of bar now. For alternatives, I'd suggest the following:

- Battiste & Dupree
- R. Ribs
- Just Like Mom's
- Hot Sauce Williams
- B&M Barbecue
- Seti's

Enjoy your stay, and your food!


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