Friday, July 12, 2013

Mister Brisket PSA

I just got this in my email inbox.  As it is public, and it's an advertisement, I figure I can post it here without any legal problems.  If anyone at Mister Brisket doesn't want me promoting their business like this, please let me know.

I like that they have stayed flexible in their approach to business, and that they are constantly innovating and improving.  Mister Brisket is a valuable business in the Cleveland Heights community, primarily because they make sandwiches but also because they add value to their neighborhood, keep people employed, and help pay for services.  But primarily because they make sandwiches.

Beau Cadiyo

MISTER BRISKET     216 932 8620

Seven years ago this July, Mister Brisket retooled our business by revamping our store space and adding meat sandwiches to our purchase options.  No longer were we strictly a premium quality butcher shop specializing in home delivery.  We were now a destination for anyone looking for really good corned beef, pastrami or hot brisket.  This changed us significantly.  At a time when we faced ever increased competition for butcher shop sales, it brought in new customers especially from our hometown of Cleveland Heights.  This adaptation, which felt risky at the time, was critical to our survival as a small business in a constantly evolving market.  It also meant that Cleveland had a new purveyor of meat sandwiches and one who was determined to provided the very best in that regard.
Seven years later, we are continuing to improve.  We recently switched from using first cut beef briskets to our Meyer USDA Prime Whole Beef Briskets for all our roasted and barbecued brisket orders.  We also contacted our man in Detroit, Sy Ginsberg, and asked him if he'd be willing to make our USDA Prime Beef Briskets into USDA Prime Raw Corned Beef Briskets.  He agreed.  The result is that we have elevated the corned beef game not only throughout NE Ohio but we believe throughout the entire United States.  The corned beef we are now serving is the most tender, juicy and succulent corned beef in the world. Don't believe us?  Well, we'll give you a reason to try.
The last weekend of this month--July 26 and July 27--we are going to sell all our large sandwiches at the original prices we offered them at when we first opened--$6.50.  Since our current price is 8.95--a relative bargain even now--you are going to be able to get one of our premium quality meat sandwiches--esp. our world class corned beef, brisket or pastrami--for the price you would have paid seven years ago.  So mark the last weekend in July on your calendar and plan to come celebrate our anniversary with us.  We won't disappoint.  Incidentally, cards and gifts are unneccesary.  We just want you to come in and enjoy as our appreciation for your patronage.
Currently In Stock and On Sale---MNA USDA Prime Strips---16.95/lb
Also available:
MNA USDA Prime Hanger Steaks            12.95/lb
Beef Tenderloin Filets or Roasts                  11.99/lb (weighed prior to trim)
MNA USDA Prime Briskets    4.50/lb (whole)    6.99/lb (first cut)
MNA USDA Choice Skirt Steaks (prime are currently unavailable)    13.99/lb
Beef Ribs                            3.99/lb
Pork baby back Ribs          3.99/lb
Beef Burgers                       4.99/lb
Bacon Burgers                    5.99/lb
Turkey Burgers                   6.50/lb
Pork Butts                          2.49/lb
Smoked Slab Bacon           4.99/lb
USDA Prime Rack of Lamb/Rib Chops    7.99/lb (weighed prior to trim)
Veal Sweetbreads                10.99/lb
Wild Alaskan Halibut--frozen    20.95/lb
Fresh, Natural Fryers        2.99/lb
L'Albatros Wing On Breasts    5.99/lb
All Beef Natural Casing Hot Dogs      7.99/lb
Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs            7.99/lb
Homemade Thai Sausage        5.99/lb

USDA Prime Corned Beef Brisket--baked and sliced    14.99/lb
USDA Prime Roasted Beef Brisket--sliced        14.99/lb
Rumanian Beef Pastrami--sliced        14.99/lb

Remember--the weekend of July 26 and 27 all Mister Brisket Large deli sandwiches will revert to our 2006 price of $6.50

We are open today until 5pm and tomorrow until 3pm.  Come visit us, grab a sandwich and head to the Cain Park Arts Festival.

Mister Brisket        216 932 8620

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Mister Brisket, Inc.
2156 South Taylor Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

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